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Thesis - Restricted Access (SIA Only)

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Master of Arts (MA)


Art Business

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Morgan Falconer


The Chinese art market experienced a boom in the past few years, and in the past 40 years, the art gallery industry in China has been closely intertwined with western influence. Art galleries form the primary market and important sector of the art trade. Spanning the past four decades, the gallery industry in China has had a relative short development. Of the most existing studies on the Chinese art market, the history and development of the Chinese gallery industry are not well documented. Much light on the Chinese art market today are given to auctions and development of private museums. A general consensus is that the primary art market of China today has not received enough attention by professionals in this field. Thus, with the hope to fully understand the gallery industry and the primary sector of the Chinese art market, this paper attempts to look at the development the gallery market in China and examines various factor that influence the market to this date.