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Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Arts (MA)


Art Business

First Advisor

Zhang Gan


Nowadays, young artists have increasingly become a significant part of the art market in China since there has been a recent emergence of China's art market. Therefore, their personal growth and development would greatly impact the future of art market. With the support of relevant economic and political policies from the government, China has initiated many innovative characterized business modes of cultivating young artists. By looking at Art Nova 100, a quite typical art project of recent years in China, this paper firstly deals with the actual living situation of contemporary young Chinese artist together with considerations for specific historical background. Then it offers a thorough analysis regarding background as well as operational and promotional modes of the project from multiple perspectives. At last, the paper talks about present deficiencies of the project and proposes for domestic art development in the future by suggesting the necessity of learning from successful foreign commercial cultivation mode of young artists. Research on commercial training mode of young artists serves as an essential part when it comes to improving domestic art market environment. However, real growth in the art industry cannot be achieved overnight and demands joint efforts from all parties of art managers, young artists and collectors.