Lai Tai

Date of Award


Document Type

Thesis - Open Access

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


Art Business

First Advisor

Zhang Gan

Second Advisor

Agnes Berecz


Since the invention of the first electronic computer in 1946, digital technology
has gone through three stages: the computer, the Internet, and a new-generation of information technology. The form of digitalization has different background and
environment, and the meaning explained is also different. The digitalization of
specific affairs is actually in a narrow sense, while the digitalization of enterprises and organizations is mostly in a broad sense. Digital technology has a big feature, which is that it can let you leave the physical world and come to the digital world. The digital technology revolution promotes the digital transformation of mankind. The new generation of digital technology is changing with each passing day, and various industries are increasingly using digital technology to create value, accelerating the speed of digital change in various industries. And this change, in the art industry, refined to the jewelry art exhibition has been greatly affected.
Jewelry art exhibition from the traditional offline exhibition, showcase exhibition,
curator on-site explanation, to from the two-dimensional graphic information to
digital jewelry art, evolved to various new digital technology fields such as
three-dimensional and metaverse technology. Under the digital technology, the art and jewelry can break through various objective restrictions and quickly produce
customized products. Even in the epidemic period, the digital technology can meet
people's needs. Digital technology has realized the online art work of offline entities, showing the diversity of art through various forms, Also with the support of encryption technology. realizing the uniqueness and security of art works. This change is undoubtedly historic, and it means the birth of a new art form, besides art, of course, it also involves all walks of life. Similarly, the combined application of the digital technology and the jewelry art exhibition expands the expression form of the jewelry art, and also makes the jewelry art collection and the lovers experience a brand new way of contact. This has had a huge impact on me, who is located in the art and jewelry industry itself, and the jewelry art has added unprecedented forms of expression and interactive experience, and the exhibition is no longer always limited by the venue and time. After a long period of technological improvement and the growing acceptance of this by people, people's lifestyle will be changed, ushering in a global innovation and progress.