Zijian Zhang

Date of Award


Document Type

Thesis - Open Access

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


Art Business

First Advisor

Anying Chen

Second Advisor

Agnes Berecz


In early 2021, Roblox, known as the first stock in the metaverse, was officially
listed on the New York Stock Exchange. In the same year, the famous American social media giant Facebook changed its name to "Meta" and focused on developing the meta-universe. At the same time, Microsoft, Nvidia, Qualcomm, Byte Jump, Baidu, Tencent and other technology giants laid out metaverse-related industries. Since then, the metaverse has become a new windfall. So what exactly is the metaverse? Meta-universe is a big concept, which is based on digital space to achieve a high degree of integration of the physical world, virtual world and human society, including all virtual worlds, augmented reality and the Internet, the core of which is a virtualization and digitization of the real world, the universe. As an excellent template for "total art", metaverse undoubtedly cannot only rely on the technical support of Internet giants, but also needs to create a systematic and complete creator ecology, for this reason, metaverse and the art field naturally fuse with each other, and metaverse art sprouts and develops. For the metaverse, the intervention of artists and artworks injects new vitality into the metaverse. The artistic creation of artists can give the virtual world of the metaverse diversified and stylized forms of expression, preventing the metaverse from being reduced to a cold technical achievement or an empty virtual space. For art, the metaverse
provides a broader space for art display, participation and dissemination. The infinite virtual world of metaverse and its viewing method that breaks through the limit of screen border provide new ideas for the display of art works, and the art works with VR and AR technology as the core will be reborn in the metaverse. The combination of metaverse and art means mutual benefit and win-win. Art brings rich human connotation and emotion to metaverse technology, and art is like the flesh and blood of metaverse, which makes the originally cold technology have a temperature. Art is like the flesh and blood of the metaverse, giving the cold technology a warmth. The technology also provides a new space and platform for art, which is like a skeleton of the body supporting the outline of the whole body..