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MA Project - Business Plan

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Master of Arts (MA)


Art Business

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Zhang Jin


The Chinese art market is growing faster than ever. In the 12 months to end-June 2018, according to TEFAF, the share of the global Contemporary Art Market generated by Greater China (including Hong Kong and Taiwan) stabilized at 26% with a total turnover of MUSD 480 (1). On the other hand, China still suffers from the lack of universal education in art. Researches (2,3,4,5) show some major problems in terms of art education in China such as, misconception of value of art education, negative influence by the examination-oriented education system, irrelevance of art education to family and community, students’ lack of interest in art and shortage of art teachers. Actually, art education seems to exist in name only. It can be seen that art has a rather small proportion of scores compared to other disciplines.

The original intention of Wonder-Art is not to attempt to solve the inherent problems of the long-standing art education in China. Solving the deep-rooted issues of Chinese education is not realistic for small companies like us. Our mission is to help the growing middle class, and high net worth individuals widely popularize art knowledge and improve their capability of art appreciation and their sense of art investment. Through our efforts, Chinese art investors will gradually transform from the initial follow-up investment to art value investment and become true art collectors.

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