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MA Project - Restricted Access (SIA Only)

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MA Project - Business Plan

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Master of Arts (MA)


Art Business

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Stephan Pascher

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Kathy Battista


Art@Ararat is a nonprofit artist residency program that will be running in Ashtarak, in the Province of Aragatsotn, in the Republic of Armenia, and housed in Tsiranashen. Residency durations are for four to twelve weeks, with a capacity of 5 residents at a time. Art@Ararat will use a blind selection process, calling for any visual artists, no matter their ethnic or artistic background. The residency does however require artists to be motivated about occasional group activities, many of which involve community engagement and cross-cultural learning.

The project will run as a nonprofit organization based in Belgium (Association Internationale Sans But Lucratif, or ‘AISBL’) and will come entirely cost free to its residents. The residency will provide studio space, lodging, art tools, transportation, networking support and monthly stipend for living support to its artists. As part of its public program, the residency will also offer weekly Sunday luncheons to be shared with the local community of Ashtarak.

In terms of funding, Art@Ararat will participate in both private and public funding. As an AISBL, the residency is eligible for governmental and European grants. It will also go through a vigorous fundraising program, principally targeting the Art and Armenian community through fundraising events such as galas and dinners, as well as private Armenian funds who are known to support the arts. This mixed public and private model of funding will ensure that the residency can hold to its budget, especially in anticipation of the opening as further backing will be required in the first year.

Like any nonprofits, the residency will be governed transparently and democratically through the governing body of the Board of Directors. Composed of three directors, they will ensure the fundraising campaign, monitor the program and warrant effective planning. In the first year, staffing will be composed of the Executive Director and the maintenance assistant. In future years, as the residency grows, Art@Ararat will hire further employees.