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MA Project - Restricted Access (SIA Only)

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MA Project - Business Plan

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Master of Arts (MA)


Art Business

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Brendan Burns

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Noah Kupferman


The Silk Road Art Foundation (SRAF) is a nonprofit organization located in Istanbul, Turkey, focusing on the preservation and promotion of Middle Eastern art, encompassing regions such as Iran, Turkey, the Arab world, and Azerbaijan. As a cultural hub at the heart of these Silk Road regions, SRAF plays a vital role in maintaining traditional art forms, which are endangered by the dwindling number of skilled artisans in modern society. By integrating traditional motifs and styles with contemporary art, the Foundation ensures these art forms are not only preserved but also evolve and remain relevant. SRAF operates as both a social club and a cultural-educational center, fostering a community among people from the Middle Eastern and Silk Road regions. Its key activities include art auctions, curated exhibitions, a permanent gallery, educational courses, workshops, and art talks, all designed to raise funds to support its mission. The overarching goal of SRAF is to celebrate the rich art, history, and culture of the Silk Road regions, whilst fostering education and bridging the past with the future. The Foundation invites all to join in this journey of celebrating cultural heritage and nurturing artistic innovation.