Jialin Ma

Date of Award


Document Type

MA Project - Restricted Access (SIA Only)

Project Type

MA Project - Business Plan

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


Art Business

First Advisor

Lawrence Motz

Second Advisor

Brendan Burns


BEI TeaHouse is a burgeoning enterprise poised to deliver an authentic
Chinese tea experience tailored for the dynamic New York City market.
With its foundation resting on the heritage of Bei TeaHouse and Zhuoyu,
the venture is an epitome of serenity and cultural elegance in an urban
setting. Strategically assessing locations in the West Village and Tribeca, BEI TeaHouse plans to establish a locale that resonates with its vision— melding traditional tranquility with a modern lifestyle. Our business model pivots around an array of meticulously sourced teas, artisanal tea wares, and culturally enriching workshops and ceremonies that promise to engage and educate. The business plan draws insights from our celebrated Aman New York event, setting the stage for a diverse marketing strategy that encapsulates luxury experiences and innovative, budget-conscious cultural engagements, while also leveraging the potent reach of social media. This blend of approaches is designed to captivate a wide audience, from the tea connoisseur to the culturally curious millennial. Our financial blueprint, underpinned by a detailed revenue model and a three-year income statement, showcases a calculated trajectory from startup phase to a mature business. The plan anticipates significant growth, supported by a $1.6 million start-up capital, which is earmarked to foster the brand through its nascent stages to a point of self-sufficiency and profitability. At the core of BEI TeaHouse is our team—experts and enthusiasts who are the lifeblood of the brand, ensuring that every aspect of the customer experience is steeped in quality and authenticity. In summary, BEI TeaHouse is not just an establishment selling tea; it is an ambassador for a lifestyle, an educator in the art of tea, and a haven for
those seeking a moment of peace in the fast-paced world. As we navigate
the initial years, our focus will remain on solidifying our presence,
optimizing operations, and amplifying our narrative—a narrative where
every cup of tea is an invitation to a more refined and thoughtful way of life.