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MA Project - Open Access

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MA Project - Curatorial Proposal

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Master of Arts (MA)


Art Business

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Betsy Thomas

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Eric Wolf


Childhood has been typically perceived as the sweet, candid, innocent, harmless, naïve phase of the human existence. However, is it possible that behind this kind façade there are hidden the cruelest, most frightening and most devastating monsters of humankind? The current state of humanity, as a species, is constructed on constant movement, continually changing, perpetually evolving. This is a natural behavior, dating back to the very origins of civilization, in its earliest days. This characteristic detail is stored in the ability of the human brain to collect information and learn from situations experienced by the individual. In other words, the ability to receive input, evaluate data, make decisions, and acquire knowledge from the resulting output. This process will be conducted countless times throughout an individual’s existence, forging his attitude, temper, and values on which his actions will be based. That is, his very personality is determined by the way his experiences make him better suited to face future challenges, establish relationships with his peers, and reinforce his capabilities for solving problems. However, this process of continuous learning, molding, and adaptation can be deranged on those individuals who are not ready to process the various stimuli from their surroundings. This means input from their environment, companions, friends, and family may not be correctly interpreted, because of a deficit in the formation of the personal psyche, thus resulting in an incorrect reaction from the individual. The cause of gaps in the mental development of an individual can be explained on a rather extensive list of factors: childhood traumas, lack of ability to correctly perceive emotions, complications in the initial stages of personality development, etcetera. It has been observed that a child that has suffered from an inappropriate nurturing of personality traits and psychological stimuli during the growing stages, will develop conditions of depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and even violent reactions2. It is precisely this the focal point addressed in this exhibition: mental health issues and disorders caused on infants.