Xin Tong

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MA Project - Open Access

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MA Project - Curatorial Proposal

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Master of Arts (MA)


Art Business

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Zhang Gan

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Agnes Berecz


Since ancient times, rarely have there been any motifs that can transcend the fetters of time, space, race, religion, territory as well as tradition, becoming cultural symbols, cultural prototypes, and cultural conception in broad terms, while the Mandala being one of them, a prototypical motif with superb transcendence. As the famous Swiss psychologist Jung has mentioned in his book, The Secret of the Golden Flower, Mandala is a magic ring, which, being a symbol, is not only widely spread in the whole East, but also common in the Middle Ages of his place, and the East undoubtedly has the most beautiful mandalas, especially the delicate ones of Tibetan Buddhism.