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MA Project - Restricted Access (SIA Only)

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MA Project - Business Plan

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Master of Arts (MA)


Art Business

First Advisor

Brendan Burns

Second Advisor

Judith Prowda


When most people think of Texas, the first thing that comes to mind may be cowboys and wide open spaces but the reality is, Texas is a vastly cultural state with a GDP that is higher than the country of Canada. (1) In the richest suburb of Dallas, Highland Park, Texas, the income per-capita is $142,525 which is about 22% higher than the income per-capita of the United States. (2) For these reasons, Dallas has developed as a cultural center of America. With this culture comes a lot of art around the city and lots of artists who are hoping to be noticed. Muse Art Dallas would seek to recognize these local artists and place them in the hands of collectors who are seeking to fill their collections with local art. Muse Art Dallas is a business idea for an art advisory which would work with local artists to place their art in the hands of willing collectors. In doing this, Muse will help make Dallas more of an arts destination for the country and bring tourism to their burgeoning arts district through blogging and advisory.

(1) Steven John, “11 mind-blowing facts about Texas' economy,” Business Insider, 22 April 2019, 1028127171#

(2) “Economy in Highland Park, Texas,” Best Places, 1 June 2020,