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Thesis - Restricted Access (SIA Only)

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Master of Arts (MA)


Art Business

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Eric Wolf


This paper aims at the influential factors and internal logic of Vincent Van Gogh's great success in art, with analysis of Vincent's times background, family environment, growth process, work experience, emotional world, personality, religion and disease. The author is taking the influence of European art market and public opinion into consideration and trying to find out the common law and internal logic of becoming a successful artist. Throughout Vincent's life, the emotional loneliness and career frustration made him scarred, which exacerbated the attack of his congenital diseases and helped him to obtain wonderful inspiration. Religious complex and contradictory personality made him have a deeper exploration of the nature of the world, and the fanatical passion and persistent pursuit of art broke through the subjective and objective torture and depression. Finally with the help of an art critic, he rose rapidly and became a dazzling star in the art world. Vincent had the objective conditions and basic qualities needed for a successful artist, and his ideology was not only in harmony with the times, but also ahead of the times. This endowed his works with great vitality. Now once his works have been collected, it is difficult to enter the circulation field again, resulting in a rare situation and almost become a rare treasure.

This paper hopes that these studies will contribute to the management of art market.