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Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Arts (MA)


Art Business

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Mary Rozell

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Andras Szanto


The European sovereign debt crisis has led to considerable cuts in public funding for the arts. Portugal, one of the countries most affected by the crisis has recently seen consistent public cuts for its cultural organizations. With the prospect of continued budget cuts, this paper seeks to examine how Portugal's largest public institute for the management of museums and built heritage the IMC (Instituto de Museus e Conservação) can seek to generate more private revenue and lower its costs in order to garner greater financial stability for itself. The research, based primarily on financial information dating up to 2010 looks predominantly at issues regarding ticketing policy and what affects how money flows in and out of the organization and its museums. The thesis also looks at how certain improvements can be made in the fields of branding, museum shop management and other general cost cutting measures.

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