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Thesis - Restricted Access (SIA Only)

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Master of Arts (MA)


Contemporary Art

First Advisor

Stephanie Jeanjean

Second Advisor

Maria Sancho-Arroyo


The porcelain market is one of the important parts in the art market. The overseas
dissemination of Chinese porcelain in China’s feudal society (475 BC - 1840 AD)and the period of Reform and Opening Up (1978 AD) prepared the prerequisite for the modern porcelain art market. The historical, cultural, artistic and economic values of Chinese porcelain have been recognized by Europeans. In the modern international auction industry, factors such as the porcelain category, craftsmanship quality, market medium of communication, and public aesthetics all undoubtedly affect the value of porcelain. In the past years, the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic has caused a public health and safety crisis, which has had a certain impact on the porcelain art market. Regarding the current epidemic, new technologies such as online auctions, virtual art technology, NFT, various
valuation models, and the expansion of third-party guarantee businesses have made up for the negative impact of the epidemic on the porcelain market, making the overseas market for Chinese porcelain gradually recover.