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Document Type

MA Project - Restricted Access (SIA Only)

Project Type

MA Project - Business Plan

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


Fine and Decorative Art and Design

First Advisor

Stephan Pascher

Second Advisor

Aliza Shvarts


New York City, where over a thousand art galleries, nearly a hundred art museums, and over fifty thousand artists reside, is perhaps the most popular city that encompass art markets and art lovers from all around the world. New York City features art events, shows, lectures, and activities on local, regional and global scale in which a large population of New York City as well as adjacent residents and tourists strive to attend.

Unfortunately, these events are often overlooked due to lack of information and challenges in promoting them and socialization amongst people.

Today, most of the social interactions and event promotions happen on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Although these platforms can reach out to a wide range of audiences, they can struggle with targeting the right niche because they are not platforms dedicated to art industry.

Museums and art institutions promote their events on their own websites, and big art fairs and activities are often featured on art news websites. While major events are featured on popular newspapers, minor events are omitted or cannot be featured due to high advertisement fees.

ArtBeez is the first social media application that connects peer to peer and peer to art events. It introduces a new space for art enthusiasts to socialize, connect, and discover new methods to enjoy art. Once the ArtBeez application launches and attracts numerous people, the scattered art-lovers on popular social media platforms will gather cohesively in this space. Art event organizers, both major and minor, will also find this space to effectively promote their events. Various different people with the same passion for art will interact with each other, and take advantage of all the astonishing events held in New York City.

ArtBeez is currently seeking a base investment of 100,000 USD to further develop the application, implement extensive marketing strategy, and provide enough working capital to sustain the company until it reaches profitability.