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MA Project - Open Access

Project Type

MA Project - Business Plan

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Master of Arts (MA)


Art Business

First Advisor

Roxanna Zarnegar


High costs of real estate prevent artists and social entrepreneurs from unleashing their curiosity. Secluded working spaces limit inspiration and the ability to cross-pollinate ideas. Traditional entrepreneurship is often disconnected from local realities, and fails to address the pressing societal and communal challenges. KODA provides space for collaborative work and enables synergy. It is a laboratory of creative concepts and a platform to advance the careers of artists and social entrepreneurs in an experimental manner to enable mutual learning and co-creation.

KODA will launch in two locations. The primary exhibition and co-working space will open in 2021 in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. The 3,000 SF space will host museum-quality solo shows of mid-career artists inspired by socio-political topics. The co-working space will offer a walk-in and a subscription-based office to social entrepreneurs who will be encouraged to collaborate with artists on remote and international projects. The space will engage the Crown Heights community of residents, schools, museums and a wider community of thinkers to engage in and experience KODA’s programming. The second location will be a working space in the form of a residency and will open remotely in the third year of KODA’s operation. The residency will offer six month-long access to studios and accommodation for three artists at a time. It will also extend the co-working space.