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MA Project - Restricted Access (SIA Only)

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MA Project - Business Plan

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Master of Arts (MA)


Art Business

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Roxanna Zarnegar


With the continuous growth of economy in China, people’s consumption structure has entered a period of rapid transformation. Chinese people have started to pay attention on their quality of life and spiritual demands, like art. However, the expensive price of each artwork limits its market in China, which is only for the minority- the rich Chinese people. The arts and the mass market seem to be having a gully. Fiu Design Store set up a bridge between the two. The store will provide art merchandise, which will combine daily-life objects with art in order to lead audience to realize that art is always surrounding us and start to enjoy art. From millions of artworks to hundreds of art merchandise, the mass production of the original gives the general public the ability to consume art.

Although art merchandise is the bridge that builds for closing the gap between the art and life to the majority, those people who love art but may be lack of aesthetic knowledge still think art is not accessible and functionalized. Since, China has the largest population in the world. To educate all ages group are difficult, only focusing on young generations who loves art and interested on artistic production will be more successful at first step.

The variety of art merchandise is important that making the products has obvious features of simplification, convenience, humanity, interest, and function. Cross-border cooperation between art and fashion is not new in Western art market, for example, the collaboration of Uniqlo (a famous Japanese clothing brand) and Museum of Modern Art. Besides redesigning the artworks into daily-life products, Fiu Design Store will also bring this kind of art merchandise to the market because of the function of this kind of products and its popularity among young generations.

Design Store is an online design store selling at Taobao, which the most popular and convenience online shopping place among Chinese people, especially young generation (their ages from 16 to 39). Store will launch two collections each year. By combining the art, lifestyle, and fashion together, it will encourage and educate Chinese young generation to form a concept of living with art through selling artistic and designable art merchandise.