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MA Project - Business Plan

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Melanie Marino


Have you ever wondered what the greatest penis in the history of art is? Or maybe you recently heard of a painting that sold for $450 million dollars and are curious about how a picture of Jesus could be worth that much money. The Irreverent Art Guide goes where no art book has gone before, bringing in a new perspective on the art world that answers the question that both no one and everyone is asking. The Irreverent Art Guide appeals to both the lay people, who have only entered an art museum because of a date they were on, to the art experts, with their fancy words and million-dollar collections.

The book aims to ask both essential and ludicrous questions that are argued and answered in a clever and entertaining way. Each of the 25 chapters within the book will break down a certain section of the art world, whether it be the iconic Bob Ross and his importance to the art world, to the cyclical tendencies of the art world. Each chapter provides a general insight and analysis of a side of the art world that is often overlooked or underappreciated, leaving no area of the art world uncovered. If you are curious about what the worst rendition of Madonna and Child is, or why the art world continues to limit women and people of color, then this is the book for you. This book’s main goal is to erase the exclusivity and pretentiousness that has plagued the art world and create conversations and dialogue that can be enjoyed by all who love art and culture.