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MA Project - Open Access

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MA Project - Business Plan

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Master of Arts (MA)


Art Business

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Zhang Gan


Heart Neighbors Art Café is a unique establishment that combines a coffee shop with an art gallery, aimed at creating a vibrant cultural hub in the Wenshan District of Taipei City. Our mission extends beyond serving delicious coffee and providing a comfortable environment; we aspire to foster community cohesion and cultural exchange through the power of art. The philosophy of Heart Neighbors Café is to use coffee to open the heart doors between strangers and art as a means of self-expression. Through respect, inclusivity, and attentive listening, individuals accompany each other, bringing warmth to every lonely soul. The fusion of art and coffee shops traces its roots back to mid-19th-century Paris, where cafes became arenas for intellectuals, artists, thinkers, and politicians to debate and exchange ideas, discussing and propelling historical transformations. The three main factors that contributed to the allure of Parisian cafes for emerging artists in the 19th century can be summarized as follows: Firstly, cafés provided a unique atmosphere of freedom, allowing individuals to speak freely, express their viewpoints, and find like-minded companions. This environment led to the formation of different schools of thought and organizations. Secondly, cafes transitioned from being an exclusive privilege of the aristocracy to becoming part of the daily life of the common people. They became gathering places for individuals from various professions, providing artists with a platform for interdisciplinary exchange and the collision of creative energies. This shift allowed artists to move from solitary studio work to a collaborative and vibrant café environment. Thirdly, cafes became a wellspring of inspiration for artists, serving as spaces for observation of the surrounding world and the behaviors of others. As both observers and expressers, artists found in cafes a setting to draw inspiration for their creations.