Linjie Li

Date of Award


Document Type

MA Project - Restricted Access (SIA Only)

Project Type

MA Project - Business Plan

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


Art Business

First Advisor

Zhang Jin


In the continuous development and innovation of modern commercial complex, in order to adapt to the changing consumer demand, creating diversified and personalized business models has become the mainstream of business, which also promotes the development of curatorial business. Commercial Spaces are not only used for economic transactions, but also for social and cultural experiences. As consumer needs change and the experience economy emerges, merchants are committed to delivering unique brand, cultural and social values that meet the modern consumer's demand for personalization and uniqueness. Curatorial business has become a trend to respond to changes in consumer demand, creating a stronger desire for consumption by carefully planning products and emphasizing the story and emotional value of products. Consumer demand has gradually shifted from material consumption to emotional identification and cultural aesthetic activities, making commercial space a platform for emotional identification. The intervention of art can increase the stickiness with consumers, inject cultural experience into commercial space, and break the homogenization of business models. Textile art, with textile or fiber as the main creative medium, has a rich history and cultural tradition, which has a long history and has been inspiring artists' innovation. With the development of arts and crafts, textile art has become more than a craft, and artists have applied it to weave cultural narratives, convey social hierarchies, demonstrate political positions, resist or express rich emotions. With its emphasis on patterns and shapes, textile art is multi-sensory, involving both visual and tactile experiences, while the use of modern technology and synthetic materials has broadened the aesthetic and structural possibilities of textile art. Textile Art Curator is a living aesthetic platform focused on the textile arts, whose main mission is to promote and develop the textile arts and to collect and promote outstanding textile artists and their works from around the world. Commercial curation, art sales, peripheral product sales and educational activities are the main means of profit. Through deep research on textile art, cultivating art community, and building a professional selection platform to maximize brand advantages.