Zhang Yue

Date of Award


Document Type

MA Project - Open Access

Project Type

MA Project - Business Plan

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


Art Business

First Advisor

Brendan Burns

Second Advisor

Judith Prowda


After a complete COVID-19 lockdown of three years, most Chinese people crave opportunities to replenish their already waned and suffocated needs in the cultural and artistic realm (21st Century Economy, 2023). Seeking this invaluable time to enhance city influence and cultural image, major metropolises, especially Beijing, actively appeal to various exhibitions, shows, and cultural tourism resorts. The scope is almost unprecedented: cultural tourism, music, art, fine art, creative art, and traditional produce harmoniously integrate and captivate thousands of people. People’s need for art and culture is here, and Beijing is ready to make full strides. It is at this critical moment that I launch the Moment of Beijing cultural tourism project. During the last summer vacation, tourism in Beijing witnessed exponential growth. People flock to the capital of China to experience more and expand their ways of life (Economy China Newspaper, 2023). At the same time, exhibition centers and art centers became the most visited venues, catering to their maximum number of daily visitors for almost two months. As this trend will continue during the coming months, people are already hoping to have more exhibitions and shows in music and art aspects. More significantly, places like Aranya, the most successful cultural tourism resort in China, teem with people. As Aranya is located almost 6 hours of drive or 3 hours of CRS train away, people in Beijing, especially young people and college students, long to have a nearby place to spend their weekends without the grueling haul of trips and travel fatigue. Therefore, a cultural tourism site close to downtown Beijing is already in fierce demand. Best of all, the Beijing government, executing and implementing orders from the national central government, enthusiastically finds ways to promote consumption and motivate people to travel more, especially on short excursions. Under such circumstances, short trips to cultural tourism spots gain momentum. People love this sort of travel and willingly spend more during the process. It is a golden chance for my Moment of Beijing project to take root and flourish. The event will take place from April 30th 2025 to May 5th 2025, a duration of 6 days. The spot will be at Grassroad Park, a place with a beautiful natural landscape and a comfortable 30- minute drive from downtown Beijing. The project will be genuinely attractive to many people. First, the time is set at Labor Day, a major annual vacation in China, when almost all people choose to travel and 4 experience the greatness and variety of other ventures (Modern Consulting). Second, it is so close to Beijing city that citizens in Beijing or close to this city will choose to have a comfortable ride and get there to visit. Third, many famous celebrities and stars will be invited to the event, meaning that many people will specifically come from other places to see their favorite stars. All these effectively address the need for people who want to have a nearby spot to experience cultural tourism and get in touch with their favorite stars at the same time.