Qingxia Lin

Date of Award


Document Type

MA Project - Restricted Access (SIA Only)

Project Type

MA Project - Curatorial Proposal

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


Art Business

First Advisor

Zhang Gan

Second Advisor

Agnes Berecz


“At the Still Point: Home” presents works of six contemporary artists, Song
Dong, Xing Danwen, Kyle deCamp, Do Ho Suh, Sissel Tolaas, and Liu Xiaodong, whose artworks are built around the scope of urban memory and dislocation in the context of modernity. By opening up a dialogue about how we perceive space and how we think about our roles assigned and eradicated. The exhibition highlights ways in which the soul of old infrastructures could inspire us, factors that shape collective cultures, clues to bring back forgotten experiences, and what we should expect for the future within the context of urban renewal. The intent is to explore the collective memories expressed in artists' works to patch parts of history, changes, and alterations through different eyewitnesses to understand the conceptual and metaphysical relevance presented in varied artistic