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MA Project - Open Access

Project Type

MA Project - Business Plan

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Master of Arts (MA)


Art Business

First Advisor

Brendan Burns

Second Advisor

Judith Prowda


The Social Art Club will be a creative hotspot where leisure, art, culture and work come together in one place. The goal of this club is to expand on the idea behind the traditional social club concept. While members will still have access to use the space in whichever ways they prefer, this social club goes beyond. The Club will be a center for art exhibitions, food discovery, music pleasure, and culture renaissance while promoting a multi-sensorial experience and a long lasting communal atmosphere. Recreating the social aspirations of international and luxury clubs such as Soho House, the Social Art Club will also strive to emulate the more exclusive and historical social clubs such as The Players Club, The Social Art Club will have all the amenities of a clubhouse such a common lounge and a co-working space, a restaurant and café where members can socialize and spend their leisure time, or work. But the key of The Social Art Club is utilize the space in the ways art centers and art organizations do such as Pioneer Works and The Shed. The common spaces of the club will serve multiple purposes depending on the occasion. They will be used as in a gallery setting for art exhibitions, but also work as a bookstore/library space or as a concert hall. The Social Art Club will have an extensive programming of special and social events. Some events will be gallery exhibitions (such as an emerging artist show, or a retrospective), collaborations with local bookstores for book readings and signings, social soirées with live music, talks and panel sessions with experts from the creative world, creative workshops ranging from mindfulness exploration such as yoga classes pop ups, to artistic, culinary and gardening workshops (ranging from a pottery workshop, or an introduction to photography, a pasta-making class to a cocktail mixology event). The Social Art Club will open a flagship location in West Chelsea, the hearth of Downtown Manhattan in NYC. The club sustainability and vitality will benefit from multiple streams of revenues such as membership fees and partnerships with local businesses. While there are many social clubs and art centers in the city, there is the need for a an exclusive space that encompasses both the social and the creative/artistic aspects where professionals from all fields come together to explore and discover new interests.