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Thesis - Restricted Access (SIA Only)

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Master of Arts (MA)


Art Business

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Eric Wolf


This dissertation analyzes the evolving role of the independent curators nowadays in the contemporary art exhibitions. The first part of the paper is to determine the past researches and studies about the evolving role of the independent curators. It is confirmed that modern curation promotes the changes of the role of the independent curators, and their relationship with artistic institutions and museums have been changed. For independent curators, they usually take the freelance approach to participate in the exhibition preparation. To further examine the changes, 4 freelance and independent curators are interviewed in this research and to identify the changes that they perceive compared with their notion about curators before. It is viewed that the changes are originated from the relationship changed with the exhibition and art initiators. In addition, with the changes in the media landscape, it is perceived that the Internet has provided important information and supports for independent curators to gain information, which is important for their work to engage different subjects and media into accounts.