Cube Art

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MA Project - Restricted Access (SIA Only)

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MA Project - Business Plan

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Master of Arts (MA)


Art Business

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Paul Melton


How many people do not attend art exhibitions because that they don’t know how to understand art, or they confront the hindrance of being asked “do you know what does this mean?”. Yet, do we go see artworks just for understanding them? In that case, art may possibly shut its door on so many people. Emerging in the new retail industry, popup exhibitions have been eye-catching for its branding identity and art crossover. Due to the form of installation art, immersive installation exhibitions enable people to gain art experience in an artistic environment by starting from small interaction with the objects or environment and finding a joy of being with art in a short period of time.

Cube Art will realize the art education step by step in the rapidly-developing art market in China with great demand. Cube Art will cooperate with private art museums, high-end communities and shopping centers to curate pop-up exhibitions as well as public educational workshops to help disseminate arts and culture knowledge, and to promote the market influence of partnership venues. Pop-up exhibition is a common method that many companies and institutions used to promote artworks and brand in the form of art exhibition focusing on a fusion of art, design and brand culture. Commonly adopted methods also include commissioning site-specific artworks, cooperating with artists to promote co-branded goods and establishing a brand museum, all of which have become popular strategies for branding market. In China, however, many private museums and commercial real estate don’t have a strong market yet and the public education function of art museums and local communities have not been fully utilized; and there exists a huge opportunity for the K12 art education to grow and develop. Considering all these factors, Cube Art will present a series of pop-up exhibitions with 4 insightful information and educational significance along in a joyous and immersive art scene.