The ArtCo&W Foundation——A Non-Profit Organization Focused on Collecting and Supporting Women Artists

Liuliu Zhao


The ArtCo&W Foundation is a non-profit organization that combines art collection with supporting the development of contemporary women artists. The foundation is dedicated to enhancing the voices, narratives, achievements, and innovations of women artists through art collections and diverse collaborative projects. Women artists are at the core of the collection and key drivers of this foundation's actions. Over the past century, feminist waves have swept across the globe, challenging the male-dominated perspectives in art history and giving rise to many outstanding women artists and feminist works. With their unique and rich artistic concepts and creative languages, they continuously challenge the boundaries of systems and rules, exploring narratives of coexistence. Despite the increasing attention to women artists in recent years, they still face challenges of under-representation and gender inequality. The ArtCo&W Foundation primarily supports contemporary women artists actively engaged in artistic practice, regardless of their nationality, race, or geographic location. The foundation particularly focuses on artworks that reflect female perspectives, explore social and gender issues, and engage in identity exploration, without being limited to specific artistic styles or techniques, aiming to present profound reflections of contemporary women artists on various themes. Through exhibitions, awards, grants, publications, and education programs, the foundation aims to increase the visibility of women artists, deepen society's understanding of their efforts and contributions in the contemporary art world, and enhance public 4recognition of their artistic achievements. Additionally, the foundation is committed to establishing partnerships with other arts and cultural institutions, charitable organizations, and influential figures in the art world to promote dialogue and exchange, embracing diversity on different platforms to highlight the artistic narratives of women artists. The ArtCo&W Foundation aims to create a more inclusive and diverse community for women artists and practitioners, pooling more social resources, advocating for greater voice for contemporary women artists, and promoting broader positive changes in representation and gender equality.